Diploma Course

This Course is for those who want to open their own classes, want to be a stunning instructor, and enjoy a  hight level hobby.

You will learn from scratch about sugar cookies and get some secrets of sugar cookies from my experiences as a professional  baker and seller of sweets.

You will be provided a Diploma after 5 days of lessons.  You can say you are a Sugar Sugar instructor.  Also, you get the right to use Sugar Sugar’s designs and techniques.

After you graduate, you will have a pass to attend update skills classes and get new ideas and materials from Sugar Sugar. (¥3000/each class)

Please contact us if you have any questions.



Day 1

What you will learn:

Basics of sugar cookies.

*Recipe for best cookies for decorating and 2 different types of icing cream.

*How to make cone for cream.

*Differences in food coloring.

*How to decorate icing cream for cookies.



Day 2

What you will learn:

Techniques for using piping tips and without piping tips.

Using piping tips:

*How to pipe roses

*How to pipe baby shoes

Not using piping tips:

* leaves


How to do pressure piping.



Day 3

What you will learn

Texture and tools:

* Wood effect

* Fabric effect

* Crack effect

Let’s make an original stencil sheet.



Day 4

What you will learn:

*How to make an original cookie cutter.

*Painting techniques – You will learn 2 different types of cookie painting.

*How to use an air brush for cookies.



Day 5

Let’s make:

In this class, contents will change when you take the class.  We will provide the newest materials.

*How to make an original silicon mold.

*How to make hand make sugar lace.

*How to make hand make a pearl.

*How to make piping gel.


Let’s use

Wafer paper











Course fee for5Days course is ¥155,000(This includes tax, material, and rental tools.)

(Including receiving a Diploma an additional ¥35,000)


What you need to bring: Apron (if you want)and a light meal for lunch.  (We will have a short lunch time.)

After you finish the course , you are automatically registered as a Sugar Sugar instructor and member.

You don’t have to pay for extend your member fee or membership fee,but I will ask if you want keep your member ship in every nobember.

If you do not want to extend  your membership, you will lose the right to use  any design and/or technique at your own school or any kind of class.

<Cancellation Policy>

You will pay for cancellation after you apply as follows:

2 weeks before the course starts, 25% of course fee;

1 week before the course starts, 50% of course fee;

3 days before the course starts, 100% of course fee.

Lesson content may have to change considering the progress of the course.  This is in the discretion of Sugar Sugar.

Please notify if you want change a date of your reservation 3 days ahead by phone call or e-mail.

If suddenly you cannot come  on the day you reserved, you can change the date for another diploma class going on at no added cost.  If, however, you have to reserve another day, you must pay an extra ¥24,000.

 (Added Policy)
You can not join the Sugar Sugar diploma course if you are member of another association which has icing cookie courses in Japan.
You can not start your own icing cookie course after you learn at Sugar Sugar’s Diploma Course.
You cannot publish or share Sugar Sugar’s Diploma Course text.
If Sugar Sugar, at any time, finds you have violated the above policies, your Diploma will be null and void, you will lose all your rights to use Sugar Sugar’s techniques and/or designs.  Also, if Sugar Sugar finds a violation of the above policies after you start the Sugar Sugar Diploma Course, Sugar Sugar will not refund your class fees.  Also, you cannot start your own basic course or instruct as a another association instructor for no less than one year.  The length of time not allowed to instruct is at the discretion of Sugar Sugar.